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Auto Booster Pump / Water Pressure Booster Pump
Description : Auto booster pumps are suitable for households, washing machines, toilets and garden sprinkler systems pressure boosting use .   Specification : Auto booster pump specifications: 1. Horsepowers: 1/4, 1/2 and 1hp. 2. HZ: 50 and 60. 3. Diameter : 3/4"(20mm) or 1"(25mm). 4. Voltage: 110/220V. 5. Head: max. 43m; capacity: max. 50 L/min.   Features : Auto Booster Water Pump Features: 1.Pre-pressure one-piece forming diaphragm pressure tank with good appearance and corrosive resistant. 2.Motor Shell made of cast aluminum lowers rising temperature while long-time running. 3. Pump body made of stainless steel keeps using water safety and prevent from getting stuck . 4. Choose SANWA pressure switch to ensure quality and endurance.
Control panel for fire pumps
1. Adopting Chinese National Standard(CNS) of fire fighting pump codes: CNS8917、CNS8918、CNS8919.2. Automatic sprinkler system operation for fire protection.(When pipeline pressure is lower than preset pressure, the pump will starts. According to fire protection law, after the pump automatically switches on, an operator must manually stops it.)3. Force start operation with manual test function.(running and stop button).4. Provides with fuse breaker and electrical circuit.5. On the front of control panel, it will show volmeter、ammeter、running、overload、stop and malfunction indicators.6. Malfunction alert output.7. Build-in remote control for manual ON-OFF switch and remote monitor for operation、stop、overload and water shortage signal.8. Control panel casing adopts with powder coatings.
Horizontal Multistage Centrifugal Pump
Stainless Steel Horizontal Multistage Centrifugal Pump 50HZ - ECM seriesApplicationsWater treatment processesIndustrial cleaners and dishwashersPressure boosting systemsHeating and cooling for industrial processesAir-conditioning systems, Air freshening, heater devices.Water supply and boosting(drinking water with light chlorinated water)Fertilization systemsDomestic and household useApplicable MediumFor clean, non-flammable and non-explosive liquid without solid granules and fibers;Mineral water, soft water, pure water, edible vegetable oil and other light chemical mediums.When the liquid density or viscosity is larger than normal water, it is necessary to select a motor with higher power.Whether a specific liquid is suitable for the pump, it all depends on many factors, among which the most important ones are chlorine content, PH value, temperature, solvent and oil content.Operating conditionsLiquid temperature: Standard type 0-70°C / Hot water type less than 100°CAmbient temperature: Max.40°CWorking pressure: Max. 10 bar 4. Suitable for transport clean water, without solid particles or non-corrosive fluids.

About Us

Asia Automatic Pump Co.,Ltd was established in 1969,located in Kaohsiung city, Taiwan, and also created its brand name “EVERGUSH”. EVERGUSH is the pioneer to produce the first domestic auto booster pump, fire-fighting pump, and inverter controlled booster pump set in Taiwan.

In past 50 years,EVERGUSH is devoted to manufacturing and developing all kinds of water pumps, such as domestic pumps, centrifugal pumps, submersible waste water pumps, industrial and commercial pumps, deep well pumps, SUS multistage centrifugal pumps, inverter controlled pumps, fire-fighting pumps, water pumps for agriculture and aqua farm, ..etc. More than 50 series of pumps, over 4,000 different specifications,and continued to increase.

In 2009, EVERGUSH started to develop all kinds of control panels for water pumps and completed control panel assembly line.In 2013, EVERGUSH established assembly line of diesel engine generator set and began selling. In June/2015, EVERGUSH successfully applied "Diesel engine Genset TAF LAB Certification.

Nowadays,EVERGUSH owns 6branch offices,4 sub-plants in Taiwan.For the Global market, EVERGUSH is present over 40 countries, such as Japan,South Korea,China, South East Asia Countries, India, Central and South America ,Australia ,New Zealand, Iceland,Switzerland, Middle East,..etc.
Enthusiasm, dedication, innovation, quality, and perseverance are the tenets that we have adhered to in the past 50 years. We will do our best in products, quality and good after-sales service, and let users who use EVERGUSH pumps and generators. Have no worries and enjoy the joy of water and electricity.


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