End suction Centrifugal Pumps

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XA series
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    Key Features

    Product features: 1. Back-pull out design which allows the centrifugal pump bearing frame and impeller to be backed out of the volute without disturbing the pump piping connections.2. Lower cost for maintenance and repair. Specially designed wear-resisting mechanical seal--general use of life time exceeds 100,000 hours.3. Minimizes leakage and maximizes bearing life even operate under high pressure. 4. It requires only 5 kinds of overhangs, 6 kinds of shafts and 4 kinds of bearings for entire series of 42 models. It will effectively minimize accessory inventory and enhance pump components interchangeability.5. Good suction performance--Bigger suction structure which lowers suction flow rate enable the pumps have better suction performance. Increases reliability and maximizes impeller and casing life.6. Complies with international standard EN733(DIN24255) for interchangeability of components between all individual pump sizes.Applications:  air conditioning systems(chiller,cooling tower), Temporary water supply for booster systems, open loop or close loop circulation systems, water supply to multi-storey buildings or households, fire fighting systems.Working conditions:1. Ambient temp.: +0~+500C2. Liquid temp.: +0~+1000C3. Working pressure: Max. 10kg/cm24. Inlet.: 1.5"~12" 5. Outlet: 11/4"~10" Specifications: DN24255 Standard. 1. Output Range: 1HP~300HP 2. Voltage: 3phase 220~660V 3. Frequency/Pole: 50/60HZ, / 2P,4P 4. Max.Head: 110M 5. Max.Capacity:1200M3/Hr 6. Motor Spec.: IP54/E,B,F Insulation

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